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We became interested in horse photography during our early years, growing up nurtured amid Montana's mountains, prairies, and flowing rivers. From the time we were big enough to straddle the back of a horse, our mounted adventures led us on a trail of exploration and inspiration. We've wandered down many trails but have never strayed from our intense love for horses or the cowboy way of life. Consequently, most of our photographs typically depict images of horses.  Some are traditional photographic images while others are unique double images, and others are manipulated into pieces of art.  What ever the case, each finished design offers a powerful look at the innate spirit of the horse.

Now you can bring our award winning double image photography into your own home.

Via our original equine photography and combined with our line of gifts for the horse lover, you are able to suit your own taste by choosing from our many designs, ranging from Dressage to Cutting Horses, to those irascible Mules and giant Drafts.  We have something for just about everyone and if you can't find a specific design just let us know and we'll try to come up with one for you.

If you are searching for something specific, or just looking for great gift ideas, we have an assortment of practical and functional items to select from, including T-shirts, key fobs, sweatshirts, long sleeved t-shirts, hooded sweatshirts, coffee mugs, mouse pads, ballcaps, belt buckles, trailer hitch covers, and tote bags.  

Now and again we will add more new items so check back often. If you have a special request please contact us and we'll see what we can do.

What better way to reward yourself, or someone special, than with the perfect gift. Our unique designs are so unusual and eye-catching that they will be long enjoyed and treasured. Why not order today?

Please visit our product info page for more information on what we have to offer you.

Equine photography and online gifts for the equestrian

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