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A personal home page is probably as useless as a barb wire fence full a knot holes, but since everybody else is doin' it, we figured we'd throw our own loop into the corral . You're invited to rein your horse in, slide off your saddle and have a look around.

The Mirror KB Ranch is just a shirt tail outfit, but we like to think that we lay claim to some of the nicest country here 'bouts. Besides a passel of cats, two good ranch dogs, a few cows, and a remuda of Appaloosa horses, this ranch is home to Graeme - "Bake" (the wisdom bringer & buggy boss) and Kim & Kari (known as the twin wranglers).

Mirror KB Appaloosa Horse Ranch & Photography - ranch house

At about 6000 feet elevation, Coyote Ridge rises
above the valley floor to duly watch over the Mirror KB


Professional equine photographers Kari and Kim - the Wranglers

"Kari and Kim - the Twin Wranglers"

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Twins Page


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