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Use our photographic greeting cards year round.  They are blank inside and can be used as greetings for a number of events such as, but not limited to, Birthdays, birth announcements, friendship, anniversaries, Christmas, New years, thank you notes, sympathy notes, and so on.  On this page you'll find winter images. An envelope is included with each card.

For special or bulk orders please contact us. 

Check out greeting cards  page 2 , page 3 , page 4  and page 5 for more greeting cards.  

Product Information

Please use the drop down menu to select the image you wish to order.  If you are having trouble with the packhorse (shopping cart) please send us your order using our print out form and send it to us via snail mail or use our Fax number.  You can also email us your order or call us directly.  Our address, email, and contact numbers are located at the bottom of this page. 


let it snow
Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow

(this card is included in the 12 and 24 card variety pack)


O come all ye faithful
O come all ye faithful

(this card is included in the 12 and 24 card variety pack)


Ranch House - Buggy in snow
Home for the Holidays


In the realms of glory
In the realm of glory

(this card is included in the 12 and 24 card variety pack)


O Christmas Tree
O Christmas Tree
How richly God has decked thee

(this card is included in the 12 and 24 card variety pack)


Ranch House - Gate in snow
From our Outfit to yours


Christmas dally
Christmas Dally


Peace on Earth


Christmas tangle
Christmas Tangle

Fishing bobber in snow

Bobber - Amid the cold of Winter


Christmas Cards are printed on matte white card stock
and measure 5 x 8 inches when folded.
Comes with an appropriate sized white envelope.

You may purchase a digital file of any of our Christmas cards.
This will give you an unlimited use of the image, but
you will also have to supply and print the cards yourself.
When you order a digital image we will email the image to you.


Greeting Cards


Assorted Christmas Mugs -

available in 11 oz ($14.95) and 15 oz ($16.95)

Christmas Mugs


Christmas Mugs

11 and 15 oz



Check out Greeting Cards on 

Page 2 sympathy, Birthday, & Anniversary
Page 3 more Holiday cards
Page 4 miscellaneous cards
Page 5 sympathy, and friendship cards

Note: In order to avoid fraudulent purchases all orders will be verified before products are shipped.  Mirror KB retains the right to refuse to fulfill any order which we are unsure of.

Please make Paypal payments to wranglers@mirrorkbranch.com

To make your order please use our convenient on-line pack horse or print out our Order Form and mail your order to us. You may also order via e-mail or by telephone if you prefer.

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